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A North Carolina teenager’s quest to shut down an abandoned gas wellWatch now (3 min) | Mateo De La Rocha is determined to make activism more accessible to young people
Gen Dread readers respond to the idea that the climate crisis is changing how and why we work
Many are questioning the relentless “climb to the top” that encourages a focus on the self
Here’s what to say (and what not to say) when someone’s freaking out about the world
Exciting changes, possibilities, and big ideas ahead
Parenting beyond the nuclear familyWatch now (2 min) | Our laser focus on the nuclear family as the only valid way to raise the next generation is preventing us from adapting to the…
Don’t want to bring kids into this world? Here’s how to navigate the judgmentWatch now (1 min) | Some practical coping strategies, plus a new documentary that will help you feel less alone
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