I love this post! As a new mother with my one week old sleeping on my chest, this felt so relevant right now. I’ve already asked my local library to buy the book so I can read it but also have it available for others 🙂

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Apr 20, 2023·edited Apr 20, 2023

Thank you, it is great to read this. Collectivizing seems more useful than heroic individualism. Have requested it from my Auckland Libraries in Taamaki Makaurau

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Great article, but it forces me to re-post my song about this very subject. We have to do something about this for the kids we leave behind!


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Agree wholeheartedly and also appreciate all the resources/courses listed. Thank you! Ps is there somewhere (FB group maybe?) where parents can connect on this topic and share ideas or good practices etc?

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Our moral responsibility is to tell young people the environmental truth:

We're in ecological overshoot due to the over-expansion of the global capitalist economy. The most urgent issue is the climate crisis. The survival objective is rapid global cooling. This can't be achieved through emissions reductions, which can at best slow global warming. The only way to save the young is solar radiation management (SRM), which has been subject to an intense taboo. Capitalism must be replaced by a sustainable economic system.

I address all these topics in my book, "Youth Ecological Revolution" at ecologicalsurvival.org.

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Don't overthink it.

Be fruitful and multiply.

Remember that the I.P.P.C. makes an effort to persuade, not inform.

Read about its formation in 1988, and the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Read widely. Read Unsettled by Steven Koonin. He pioneered the field of computer modeling for climate. All the predictions for catastrophe are based on faulty computer models!

The prediction models never worked! Academic researchers face pressure to generate press and secure funding through grants. Those who can't make it in academia must find other outlets.

Always remember that climate change articles and warnings are overblown by media looking for readers or clicks, politicians looking for votes, and greenies looking for tax subsidies and beneficial regulations. When you're old, you'll look back on your youth and wish you'd worried a lot less and enjoyed the sun, the air, the trees, your friends, and your family a lot more.

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I'm old (74) and wish I'd worried a lot more.

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