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I am at the grief stage, it's difficult to believe O can come out from the other side. It's been some really anxious weeks for me recently.

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Thanks Britt, I shared the article you wrote for the Walrus and the message resonated with me and the climate action circle virtual in Canada (with American members)who gathered to read All We Can Save and continue with bi-weekly meeting as we remain committed to moving the dial on insightful, deliberate conversations about climate change, advocacy and action!

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"An environmental theologian, he described how many people, even far from the front lines of climate change, are increasingly being forced to confront the idea of their own vulnerability because “the world is revealed to be much more tragic and fragile than people thought it was.”"

It goes further than that - it is also grief around the recognition that we caused this, though that blame can also be laid at the feet of specific industries or corporations, all of us in the industrialized countries are at least partially responsible.

Precisely because this isn't a pathology, I'd like to see more alliances between therapists/care providers, coaches, and activists to help people move healthfully through and then outwards from all of the aspects of emotional turmoil around these issues in mirroring and other workshop formats -- so folks can come into community to recognize they are not the only ones feeling this, it is a collective grief, and from there to move to effective collaborative action.

The sense of powerlessness is a learned / conditioned behavior driven into us by lifetime of advertising and social/economic structures which make us feel we have no influence. The opposite is the case if we can have the support needed to take the steps from that learned helplessness back to full agency.

Obviously climate grief and all that entails will be an ongoing aspect of our work together, it will never go away, but we can use it as fuel for what needs doing. We've already seen what the alternative looks like - staying in powerlessness/paralysis is not the way.

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Have you looked at NATUREBATSLAST.COM by Dr Guy MCPHERSON? It’s all over by 2026.

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